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木紋系列 Wood Series

自然就是美,運用最新技術複合材料結合製作的Pinco 木紋磚,完美展現了木頭原始的凹凸手感,值得一提的是它完整保留了原木的原始色調,綠色環保一直是一個議題,通常原木只保留部分的木紋高達82%的原木料會被丟棄我們一併採用最原始的紋路,不僅大大減少浪費!同時製作與眾不同的自然紋路,拼在任何空間都非凡出色

Nature is beautiful, using the latest technology composite materials combined with Pinco wood grain bricks, which perfectly shows the original bump of wood. It is worth mentioning that it completely retains the original color of the logs. Green has always been an issue, usually logs only Retaining part of the wood grain up to 82% of the logs will be discarded. We use the most original texture, which not only greatly reduces waste! At the same time, we create a unique natural texture, and it is outstanding in any space.

尺寸: w120 x d180 x h20 mm / 延伸到無限

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